[Who am I?] The Bloody Path

LARS ... et ça repart !

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[Who am I?] The Bloody Path

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Name: Lars Alexandersson
Origin: Sweden
Fighting Style: Unknown (mishima style influences)

Character Story

The Mishima Zaibatsu started a war against the world. The rise of the G Corporation opposition resulted in a global trail of carnage. In the fray, a large portion of the Zaibatsu's special military unit, the Tekken Force, defected from the organization.

Lars Alexandersson led the coup d'état and became a ranking officer in the Tekken Force at a fairly young age due, in part, to his renowned physical and mental ability. Despite this high rank, Lars often fought on the front lines, which made him quite popular among his subordinates.

Only he knew the fact that he drew the Mishima bloodline through his father, Heihachi. Even Heihachi was not aware of this piece of information.
1. Porte initiale 2. Porte de la guérison 3. Porte de la vie 4. Porte de la blessure 5. Porte de la rétention 6. Porte de la contemplation 7. Porte de l'extase 8. Porte de la mort


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