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Beaucoup de changements pour Yoshi depuis Tekken 5 DR, il serait maintenant un hybride Tekken/SC : disparition de certains coups, nouvelles stances, bien plus de coups aux sabres et une prise en main peut-etre un peu plus difficile.

Toutes ces évolutions en font un nouveau personnage pour les anciens, mais peut-etre un personnage plus fort avec de nouveaux starters utilisables dans des situations tres variés, et donc des mix-ups redoutables.

Bons points
- des stances qui rendent le jeu de Yoshi encore plus riche, contrairement à d'autres persos à stance
- juggles starters très variés

Mauvais points
-Trop de changements
- Faibles dégats

Descriptif & Notation d'après TZ a écrit :Yoshimitsu

Punishment: 3/5
-6: 1+4 [extremely close range]
-10: 1,1(23dmg, -4OC)_1,2(19 dmg, -3)_2,2(18 dmg, +5)
-12: df4
-13: df1
-15: uf3
-16: df22
-17: ff4

-6: Same as above
-10: 1,2,1 (21 dmg, -1)
-15: df2

-11: ws4
-14: ws11 (27 dmg, +5)
-15: uf3

Shitty shitty jab punishers and a pretty shitty ranged uf3. Everything just has horrible range for punishment, but being able to punish moves that some others can't with 1+4 into a beefy combo is the one thing decent that keeps him above a 2.

Offense: 2.5/5
ff4 is a good move to throw out and use to try and move in on your opponent, on hit now it gives a full combo as well. Though ff4 is good, he has no other move to really close the distance with either. Not to forget his lows are very bad, uf2 is indeed seeable on reaction, fc df4 is only chip damage and one random duck and it's over. You can do fc df4 as many times as you want to try and get people to duck, but you can only do 2 before opponents can backdash out of the way for the third, not to forget they can still block or crush the 2nd one. There are options to stop opponents from getting from this, but all in all you'll need about 10 fc df4s to make up for one juggle damage. There really is no real reason to duck on Yoshi, even with an annoying db333... only the first couple hits are a NC and the 4 extension is interruptible by 11~12f ws moves, if they stopped after a few db3s, Yoshi's still at -12~-13 on HIT. FC df1 sword sweep is even slower now and the range is even shorter, still good for a high crush, but still no reason for opponents to duck, since this would hit them even if they did duck.

Whiff Punishment: 4/5
uf3 for close range, df22 for mid, and ff4 for long range. Just a bit above average, but gets the job done.

Keep Out/Panic: 3/4
1+4 for a real fast keep out move, only downside is range is short and -15 on block, so you can imagine how bad it is if he whiffs. uf3 for a short range keep out, and ff4 for a good safe keep out move as well.

Wake Ups: 2/3
df1 has a decent hitbox for picking up backrollers in certain situations. Good mid that hits grounded with uf1, and like a couple of his stance lows that hit grounded which are risky. But all in all he has good ground hitting moves, and good oki after throws, just no spike ender into a 3 way mixup.

Damage: 3/5
56 dmg off his hopkick, 66 dmg off his df22, 54 dmg from his fc df1, 62 dmg off 1+4, all around 50-60s damage, pretty decent. With wall combos such as ff1+2, B!, BT 1,3, d1, and like B!..W!, b2<1, or B!..W!, df1, 1+4 he does about average damage off all his launchers.

Overall Rating: 17.5/27

17.5 est une note très basse par rapport aux autres personnages.


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