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Saturday the 13th of november, 2010

Venue opens at 1 PM for warmup.
Tournament (groups) start at 2 PM.
If you arrive after 3 PM you may be disqualified.

There will be a dinner break around 7 PM (for one hour). Don't leave unless you are asked to, since you may be disqualified if we need you to play a match and you're not there.
Everybody will have to leave the venue for the dinner break.

We urge you guys to have a quick lunch before arriving at the venue (1 PM). You won't be able to leave the venue before 7 PM or so, be prepared for this.

And please have a good night sleep the day before, since the tournament is probably going to end around midnight, and we don't want to have people sleeping in the venue instead of enjoying the show and playing.

Venue is available for the night session after the tournament has ended.
It will be available for the players until 8 AM on sunday the 14th of november.


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