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Team Europe vs USA

The goal is to run a 5on5 team battle (Tougeki style) between Europe and the USA.

To select the official Euro team, our proposal is to get the best Euro players from the UTXII solo tournament.
As sh*t can happen and top 5 from the tournament may not be exactly the best players, here's what we're going to do.
We take 8 to 16 players (as long as the names can be sorted) from the best placers at UTXII solo tournament, put those names into brackets and have them play until 5 are remaining.
Top 1 from the tournament will face top 16 from the tournament, top 2 will face top 15, etc (you may want to check the brackets above).
This will be first to 2 games, double elimination. It will run fast as we'll be using the UTXII LOSER BRACKETS aka WHITE COLLAR CRIME SCENE ZONE (check here).
The 2 players placing 5 & 6 will have to run a first to 2 so the winner joins the Euro team.

After this, the Europe vs USA will take place.
Should be:
- first to 5 for one set (Tougeki style with 5 players in each team though)
- first team to 2 sets
- character select: winner stays and can't change char, loser (the one entering) may choose any character.

Good luck guys!

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